The real business that Paz Padilla will open with his daughter

There had been talk of opening a hotel, but no. What is certain is that Paz Padilla is about to inaugurate a project in which she has embarked along with her daughter, Anna Ferrer. To curb speculation, it was she herself who wanted to tell, with all the illusion of the world, what it is about.

The humorist and her daughter, who develops her activity as an 'influencer' on Instagram, are going to open the doors of a clothing store in the town of Cadiz Zahara de los Atunes, one of the favorite spots of the young woman. It is called No or Na and will be inaugurated this Saturday.

It has been from his 'stories' where he has explained that he has decided to expand his business because he knows that television is ephemeral and that other paths must be opened for the day when that fails him. Regardless of the illusion that makes her able to work with Anna, thanks to his knowledge of fashion and his studies of Business, is the perfect accomplice.

Paz is so involved, that she has confessed to having done trips to Paris and Rome buying accessories and trying to bring those potential customers the best possible product. In case of character, we already know that she is a woman who takes what she does very seriously, despite being always with a joke in her mouth.

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