The most original handbags you'll see today is Mango

The last creation of Mango comes in the form of an animal and not of any one but of an elephant. There have been several fashion companies that, for the premiere of Dumbo, have captured in their collections the emblematic Disney animal. Well Mango has joined it. But nevertheless, the fashion firm has taken its most original and creative side and has recreated it in the form of a purse. Yes, a bag shaped like an elephant and no, it's not exactly a small bag.

Its measures are 60x31x31 which makes it a medium size. It is made with natural fibers and handmade. And it does not lack a handle, tail or trunk. It has a price of 59.99 euros and you can find it on your website looking for 'Elephant Handmade Bag'.

"Handmade" bag in the shape of an elephant, from Mango. mango

However, the elephant is not the only animal that has crept into the new Mango collection. There is also another: a turtle. This design is made with bamboo And, thanks to the way your handle is created, when you hang it on your shoulder it will look like you're wearing a reclining turtle. It has a price of 59.99 euros and you can find it by searching on its website: 'Turtle Chest Bag'.

Turtle chest bag, from Mango. mango

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