What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

"It's true that, before a heart attack, the woman can you experience symptom different or additional to those of man (in the illustration on the right you can see the most common symptoms by sex). In them, the sensation of cardiac pain is more oppressive; however, in them, It can manifest as a malaise. Sometimes, even, there is no pain and you only have a shortness of breath, nausea or dizziness. Occasionally, it may appear tiredness or weakness and that's why it's more difficult to identify the symptoms and go to the doctor, "explains Dr. Fernández-Friera.

Illustration: Sergio Arango.

According to this expert, a possible theory that explains the different feminine and masculine symptoms of the infarction would be that the coronary heart disease in women it often affects the small vessels of the heart instead of the main arteries of the heart, as it usually does in men. Therefore, the warning signs to which attention must be paid immediately are:

-Pain or pressure in the chest that can last a few minutes, or disappear and reappear later. Women also feel the typical pressure in the chest, but it can be a more nonspecific pain that extends to the jaw, neck, arms and back, and be accompanied by other symptoms.

-Nausea, vomiting, sweating... It is the reason why in many occasions a heart attack is confused with stomach problems.

-Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing at rest.

-Discomfort. In many cases, you may feel tired or weak and that is why it is more difficult to identify the symptoms and go to the doctor.

What to do if you are in danger

If, due to the symptoms described, you think you may be suffering from a heart attack, the most important thing is that you follow this guide:

1. Call 112 immediately. The time factor is essential to avoid permanent or fatal consequences.

2. Warn, if possible, someone who is with you and remains lying down, at rest and without making any effort.

3. Tell the emergency personnel that you think you are suffering from a heart attack and follow their instructions.

4. Insist that you think it's a heart attack, if you think you're not being taken seriously. In the same way that many women do not associate their symptoms with a heart problem, medical staff may not think about this possibility and often attribute the symptoms to anxiety (especially in the case of young women). The key is to know and identify the symptoms to act quickly.

Video: Heart Attack Warning Signs (March 2020).