The 'pullita' of Irene Rosales to Chabelita in 'El debate de GH Duo'

In Cantora you should not get bored at Christmas Eve dinners-in those in which you have been able Isabel Pantoja to gather a good number of clan members to the table. Because if before the cameras are not cut at the time of saying everything, we do not want to imagine what will happen in the privacy of those four walls. Irene Rosales -the last to leave the 'GH Duo'-, one of the last to reach the family, is well involved in the dynamics.

We checked it last night, during 'The debate of GH Duo', when the last one expelled from the 'reality' did not have qualms in shooting with bullet towards her sister-in-law, Chabelita Pantoja, which he sent him a recadito It is clear that we do not know if he will have already heard, if he will find a reply or if he will ignore it.

Irene was not cut to the hour to assure that, if it is not possible to take the briefcase of the 100,000 Euros her husband, Kiko Rivera, su second in the list of favorites would be Alejandro Albalá, ex-husband of his sister-in-law ... And with whom it did not end, precisely, well. So, the question of the presenter, Jordi González, was more than obvious: how would that friendship between her and Albalá affect her husband's sister?

Rosales was forceful and took the opportunity to throw a 'pullita' to the young woman: "She entered a reality show and what she did the first day was to become Techi's best friend". A clear allusion to how he approached Kiko's ex as soon as he entered 'GH VIP', without caring about the damage he might have done to his brother in the past.

There are those who already point out that among them there is no good relationship. a sample of it would be that, when Chabelita entered to visit his brother to the house of Guadalix de la Sierra, they did not cross. Mila Ximénez pointed out that this had been an express request of the young woman before agreeing to move there to give us that image of the first time together of the brothers on the small screen.

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