The tremendous complex that Kendall Jenner has generated for his sisters

It can be Kendall Jenner and have some complex with your body? It seems that if. At least, that's what the model has revealed, that she blames her sisters, the Kardashian, has suffered a lot in life because of her physical appearance.

How can it be? "My sisters have many more curves than me. They have chest, I do not. Growing up being such a girl only made me think that I would never be as sexy as them. I felt that it did not fit into his world for most of my life, "he said in an interview with the British newspaper 'The Telegraph'.

Well, it really seems like that's a thing of the past, because, then, Kendall, which is considered as one of the most attractive women in the world, says that at this moment she feels proud of who she is and how she is.

"Right now I'm not very similar to them either and I love that people perceive it that way. I like to do different things, and that's great ", confess And he does not lack reason, because he has managed to make an image and a career apart from his sisters the 'celebrities'.

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