Lucia Rivera has the color of lipstick you will wear this spring and it is not red

We know red is always a trend in terms of lip colors, but this time it seems that a clear competitor is presented. And no, we mean the typical light pink that returns every spring or the nude that devastates between the 'influencers', but we talk about the brown tones.

Although they are usually associated with cooler seasons, the truth is that these types of colors favor most skins and there is one that you will want to take even in summer and that already has Lucia Rivera among your favorites.

"At last I have the only brown in the world that suits me", so he presented the model in 'stories' his new favorite lipstick Sonia Marina.

Lucia Rivera says in her 'stories' that she has found the best brown lipstick. Instagram

In this case Lucía Rivera has opted for the collection Delicate Matte and for the color 'Earthly'.

Delicate Matte brown lipstick, Earthly tone, 27 euros. Sonia Marina

The best thing about these lipsticks is in their Matte finish with velvet feeling on the lips. The result? Some creamy lips with a vibrant and opaque color amazing.

The model showed the result shortly after applying her labial Sonia Marina. Instagram

We know ... Now you also want to include this dark tone among your indispensable makeup for this spring, a season of the year in which normally you usually decant by shades more claritos.

If something is clear to us after this, it is that This season the new beauty trends are making a difference! And you? Will you dare to replace your classic red lipstick with a brown tone?

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