José Antonio Canales Rivera: "I have no relationship with my cousin Kiko Rivera"

Since Paquirri died on September 25, 1984, the disagreements in his family have been the order of the day. To the total estrangement of his widow, Isabel Pantoja, with the brothers and sons of the bullfighter, the null harmony between Francisco and Cayetano Rivera and her cousin, José Antonio Canales Rivera, was joined. But on the 20th of this month, the three will sign peace in the bullring of Zahara de los Atunes, to pay tribute to his uncle, Antonio Rivera 'Riverita'.

With that, that alleged veto of the Rivera brothers against his cousin, with whom they never wanted to fight in the same celebration. And it has been José Antonio Canales Rivera the one who has worked 'miracle' of this reconciliation what are we going to live

"I'm very happy, I love my cousins ​​very much and I was looking forward to the reunion. I will go to that square with the best spirit in the world, I am delighted to share with my two cousins ​​a run so important for my family and for our uncle Antonio. It's going to be a very beautiful day. He deserves to see his three nephews together fighting, "says Canales Rivera.

Sources close to Rivera Ordonez let it be known that the bad relationship between the cousins ​​could have originated in the fact that the children of Paquirri never liked that her aunt Maria Teresa, mother of Canales Rivera, go to several television sets to talk about the family after the death of the bullfighter, a fact that they could never have forgiven their nephews.

Heart With this meeting do you forget the old grudges?

José Antonio Canales Rivera My grandfather said that time heals everything. We were estranged by a series of circumstances, which are now forgotten ...

C. From whom did the idea of ​​reuniting originate?

J.A.C.R. The initiative was mine. I am the architect of the idea.

C. Why in Zahara?

J.A.C.R. It's where our uncle was born. And I hope that the whole family goes.

C. And why could not this family conflict have been resolved before?

J.A.C.R. These are things that happen ... Yes, it is true that reconciliation could have come before, that we should have done things that were not done, come face to face to dialogue, and we did not ... But time puts everyone in their place , and now what matters is that we are together.

Better to reconcile late than never "

C. It's like starting from scratch ...

J.A.C.R. Better late than never.

C. Is it related to Kiko Rivera?

J.A.C.R. No, the truth is that I have no relationship with Kiko. I do not remember ever having a conversation with him. On one occasion, when Cayetano married Blanca Romero, see if years ago, we both met at the same table, we chatted and until today. And, of that, I think it's been 16 years.

C. When was the last time you spoke with Francisco and Cayetano?

J.A.C.R. With Francisco I saw a few days ago in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Cayetano a long time ago I do not see him.

C. Are you invited to the baptism of Cayetano's son that will be in June?

J.A.C.R. I already have the suit prepared ... and ironed.

C. Do you have a girlfriend?

J.A.C.R. I have everything but money (laughs). Let's say I'm meeting a woman, but the thing is going through the beginning ...

C. And what happened to that summer 'courtship' with Barbara Kimpel, Antonio Banderas's sister-in-law?

J.A.C.R. Nothing. She is a good friend ... She behaved with me, but from there to a courtship ... nothing. Of course, I assure you she is a wonderful woman.

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