The (real) reason why Maite Galdeano did not receive her daughter after the expulsion of 'GH Duo'

It attracted attention absence last night on set. Sofia Suescun was expelled, for the second time, from 'GH Duo' and his mother, Maite Galdeano, with which he has a relationship as inseparable as sickly, he was not present. Instead, as defender of the Navarre, was Cristian, his brother - now, driver of a Kiko Matamoros who is losing his vision.

Cristian excused her at the beginning of the gala: "He's having a hard time, he's depressed, he's in bed. It's a very delicate issue. "Surprising, because a few days ago he had entered the house in Guadalix de la Sierra to make a rapapolvos to his daughter, which he left crushed, but nobody should have given it more importance.

Now, it is the magazine 'Lecturas' which uncovers the real reason why Maite did not go to receive her daughter. Is about a new aesthetic operation that has left him some sequels, temporary, that he did not want to show before the cameras. Come on, you're in full recovery post scalpel.

What has been retouched now? The eyelids. A surgery that, according to the aforementioned publication, has left her face somewhat unconfigured as a result of the inflammation of that area of ​​her face, since the intervention is very recent: it was carried out last Monday, March 25.

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