Carmen Borrego about to divorce according to the letters

Belén Rodríguez has read the letters to the majority of contestants of 'Sálvame Okupa'. Carmen Borrego has gone indignant because the news has not made fun, neither good nor bad. On the contrary, Chelo García Cortés almost recognizes that he can fall in love with 'Survivientes 2019' But the news is that, supposedly, Carmen Borrego is about to divorce.

The letters of Carmen Borrego are very involved according to Belén Ro. Especially because of its current situation, the confusion is greater. But there are things that Bethlehem has very clear and insists and repeats Carmen Borrego: "You are going to separate".

"You are going to make a trip to put a patch and you are going to return worse. You are going to have a disgust that you shit. Maybe not from separation of "I separate myself already"Or your work or your work will influence There is someone in between who will influence your marriage to dissolve"She tells Carmen that her face is a poem and she responds to her friend" What a night you are giving me ".

But to alleviate the situation he has said: "It's a separation that will be good for both of you. It is a triumph for both"And for more he adds a bombshell:" A wonderful letter will come when you leave. If I did not know you at all, I would say that the problems you have right now have a lot to do with your husband. You have another man, young man, with love returned"Carmen Borrego half smiles but makes it clear that she is not with anyone nor is there any young man in her life."I love my husband very much, "he says.

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