Laura Escanes has the Stradivarius monkey more comfortable for the first months of pregnancy

Laura Escanes He has given us a demonstration of style again and this time also for pregnant women. In fact, the future mother of Rome and begins to boast of pregnant mother, something that has not made him give up his style, or some of the garments of the new Stradivarius collection. And is that, although I could not go this time to The Summer Expedition along with the rest of influencers and Aitana Ocaña, yes is aware of all the news of the firm.

This time the influencer has shown it with one of the coolest linen jumpsuits of the season. In fact, the first thing that came to our mind as soon as we saw it, is that every time we have less to summer comes and to wear this type of super light garments and comfortable able to make the hot days much easier.

In addition this monkey includes: front buttons, fluid cut, honeycomb detail on the top, lacing belt and all in an elastic fabric able to adapt to all figures, including the little pregnant woman that Laura Escanes already has and who has shown in her stories:

Laura Escanes has worn this new Stradivarius monkey in her recent Instagram stories. Instagram

Comfortable, cool and Low cost! Yes, you read correctly, this Stradivarius monkey will only cost you 29.99 euros plus It will feel like a glove whether you are pregnant or not.

Linen jumpsuit with belt detail, 29.99 euros. Stradivarius.

It has already become our essential item for the summer And in yours?

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