The final result of the Julen autopsy

The final report of autopsy performed at Julen, the two-year-old child who was found dead 13 days after fall into a well of Totalán (Malaga), points out that the child died from falling into the hole. In addition, forensic experts rule out that the death of the pickaxe used in the rescue work affected the death.

Julen fell on Sunday January 13 to a well only 25 centimeters in diameter and just over 70 meters deep. His body was found at 01.25 o'clock in the morning on Saturday, January 26, the rescue teams that were looking for it from the moment of the event; and at 03.29 it was possible to raise it to the surface.

According to legal sources have indicated to Europa Press, the forensic indicate that the death of the small one took place to the 13.50 hours, to the "few minutes" after the precipitation, and they point out that the cause of death was due to traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, presenting two fractures, one in the occipital area and another in the left temporal region.

In addition, specialists point out that it was not a free fall, but "braked" by the friction of clothes and outgoing from the well, and argue in their report why they rule out that the pickaxe used in the rescue could cause death -as pointed out by a report from the defense of the owner of the farm, investigated in this case-, indicating forensics, among other reasons, that this object began to be used almost four hours after death.

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