Record the new top of Aitana that you will not take off until September

In the end all mortals have almost the same preferences. As much as Aitana plays in another league and dresses outfits of great designers, in their day to day prevail the 'low cost' firms where they bought before entering 'Operation Triunfo 2017'and earn the fame that counts now. So Zara continues steadily in her dressing room and we are more than happy to discover some of the most famous garments of the moment.

A few days ago she was able to see one of the most original sweaters of the new collection, with her back discovered and made in crochet, but it was a halter top that convinced us to make it with him as soon as we had the chance because is going to solve more than one look. However, what was our surprise to see that it is totally exhausted in white and maybe we have to wait a bit to buy it. However, the purple, black and neon green have all the available sizes and will also give a touch of joy to our outfit.

Aitana with Zara top. Instagram

It's from Zara and it costs 12.95 euros. More 'low cost' impossible! We do not know what Aitana has combined with it, but there is no doubt that this is the typical wardrobe bottom garment that you can use whenever you want because with everything it matches. We stand in line to acquire it!

White top with Zara halter neck: 12.95 euros. d.


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