Isabel Pantoja, betrayed by the Azúcar Moreno in 'Survivors'

The contest of Isabel Pantoja on the island of 'Survivors'is giving a lot to talk about. A few days ago he had his first and hardest confrontation with Carlos Lozano and minutes later with Monica Hoyos. The presenter accuses her of the preferential treatment she receives, something that Belén Esteban has already mentioned on occasion. And in all this history ... what do the Brown sugar? Apparently, the tonadillera she has felt betrayed because they did not defend it in their first disagreements, as did Chelo García Cortés, who came out in defense of Pantoja before the dispute with Lozano.

The sisters preferred to stay out of the mess of their colleague by profession, but when she withdrew the word, They charged hard against her considering his attitude unacceptable. "If they want to do a show, let them do it, everyone comes to do the program they want," said Encarna.

Stupid, proud and arrogant

More forceful was Toñi who did not hesitate to call him stupid, arrogant and haughty. "I think it's stupid. She always has puppets she wants us to defend. It's a superb, I do not like, "he said.

"She talks and people have to be quiet, but no, here you are one more, I do not want people with bad karma in my life, the farther better, if you dance the son, everything is wonderful, but at the moment you do it you're already bad. I had a very good concept of it and I was very disappointed. I think a very haughty person, talking badly about people. You have to do what she sends and I do not feel like it, "sentenced the youngest of the Salazar.

A situation that does not go very well stop Isabel Pantoja, to have very few supports within the contest. We will have to wait to know if this will only remain in a small disagreement or will be the beginning of an open front among the singers.


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